Modern Bindings

islamic style binding 1
islamic style binding 2
islamic style binding 3
Custom binding. Richard Baker

Baseball Binding 1
Custom bound memorial binding for ardent baseball fan, red leather, black cloth, baseball embedded in cover. Richard Baker

Danish Millimeter Style Binding 1
A Danish millimeter style binding. Gray goatskin at the top and bottom edges of the book and marbled paper sides custom marbled by Curtis Finley. Richard Baker

Silver Lamé Binding 1
Quilted, silver lamé binding. Caroline "Zoom" Huth

Leather binding with clamshell box. 1
Leather binding with clamshell box. Barbara Weathers

Bound Japanese Comic Books 1
Post binding of stub-sewn Japanese comic books. Dan Riles

Leather Bindings with Gilt Spines 1
Full leather bindings, gilt spines. Chris Parrish

Vellum Binding 1
Limp vellum period binding. Linda Jeffery

Collage Dust Jacket 1
Computer generated collage dust jacket for artist's book. Joanne Kluba

Crushed Velvet Binding 1
Crushed velvet binding with buttons and ribbons. Joanne Kluba

Fabric and Ribbon Binding 1
Printed fabric and ribbons. Diana Bose

Japanese Style Paper Bindings 1
Japanese style paper bindings. Betsy Ruppa

Glass Mirror Binding 1
Spray painted and stenciled glass mirror binding. Yael Katz

Marbled Binding 1
Cloth and marbled paper binding. Isabelle Montupet

Pencil Boxes 1
Colored paper pencil boxes. Sarah Schoon

Bathrobe Fabric Binding 1
1940's bathrobe fabric binding. Linda Jeffery