Restoration Process

Broken Spine
Repairing a broken spine.
Paring Leather
Paring leather for a new spine.
Washing a book
Washing and deacidifying book pages.
Sewing a book
Sewing a book on split alum-tawed thongs.
Book in press
A book in the press during restoration.
wrapped book
Applying pressure after reattaching the old spine.
Cahokia Mounds map before treatment
1876 Cahokia Mounds map before treatment.
removing backing
Removing old backing from an 1876 map of the Cahokia Mounds.
washing a map
Washing and deacidifying Cahokia map in a custom made sink.
tooling a spine
Preparing to gold tool a book spine.
Spine after tooling
After tooling.
a new clasp
A new clasp.